Bonus Moms & Blended Families

Birth the Children

What is a Bonus Mom?

A bonus mom is a mom who didn’t birth the children that she is raising. This can be in the form of adoption or parenting a child of a spouse.

What do Blended Families Mean?

A blended family is a couple of families containing two or more children, of whom at least one is the natural or adopted child of both members of the couple, and at least one is the stepchild of either partner in the couple.

Questions That are Frequently Asked by People

I’m truly thankful we all get along. One thing I wished might have been diverse for me developing up, was that when my guardians got separated, they would have been companions (I adore both my guardians exceptionally much and I know no family culminates, but it was difficult at times feeling that pressure). They lived over the nation from each other, so they didn’t need to see each other much. When I would go to visit my mother, I would fly by myself (I don’t know on the off chance that they still do this, but I began at like 5 or 6 a long time old and my guardians would walk me to the entryway and after that, you sit in a back push by flight orderly and do the flight on you possess. I  have a parcel of fun recollections with super kind flight orderlies who would play diversions and stuff with me.

I think this is also part of the reason I learned to become pretty independent at a young age, and traveling alone hasn’t ever really scared me but anyways…), yes, I still always felt that awkward tension whenever they were in the same room. I remember even on my wedding day being worried about making sure both parents felt they got equal attention and love. And maybe that was something I created in my head, but it made me want to make it a priority when we got married that we have a good relationship with Cody’s ex so that the kids never felt that tension or stress, and so we could all go to the kid’s events and it not be awkward. Again, this was not an overnight thing, it took years to get to that point. Especially if this is a fresh situation, it will take a lot of time.  But as a kid who has been on that side of divorce, that was one thing I wanted different for our kids.

  • Do You Get a Say in Making all of the Decisions About Schools and Such? How Do You Deal With That Aspect? 

Long story brief, I have no say “hahaha”. Cody talks to me approximately it, but that’s one of the difficult parts of being a reward mother, you cherish your reward babies and offer assistance raising them but in my case, I’m not truly a choice producer. I cruel day to day what we are doing Cody and I choose, but greater choices Cody and his ex-spouse work out together.

Birth the Children
  • As The Bonus Moms/Parents, are You Involved in Communication With His Ex or Just Cody?

In our circumstance, Cody and his ex-work out subtle elements for the foremost portion.  There are times when Cody is still at work or out of town or something so I choose up/drop off the kids, etc. but the larger part of communication is between her and Cody. We as of late begun a gather content for sports and school planning and in some cases share pictures of the kids from school or sports as well, but most planning goes through them.

  • How Do You Handle Frustration With Your Stepkids Schedules?

One thing that took time for me to realize and get is that when you’re a step-parent (not continuously the case, but at the slightest in my circumstance) indeed in case you all get along, after the day you’ve got small say over occasions, school plans, truly fair plans in common. For me, someone who likes to arrange ahead and be in control, it’s in some cases hard. For illustration, when we were attempting to arrange a trip and I would ask Cody in case he had texted the kids’ mother to form beyond any doubt certain days’ work and I would need prompt answers for things and he’s like I haven’t talked to her, however, and I’m all well calling right presently, what’s the holdup I inevitably realized that 1) now and then you don’t get quick answers since she features a life too obviously and you can’t anticipate immediate responses all the time and 2) things take longer to facilitate and arrange than it would together with your claim kids, so you’ve got to arrange ahead a small assist.

  • Do You Have Full Custody? How Often and How Long Do Your Bonus Kids Stay With You?

We have joint custody so it alters. Right now, every other week we have them for Thursday/Friday, and then the next week 4 days Thursday-Sunday.