Definition of Computer for Class 1

Computer is a machine that can understand instructions, store and process data, and perform calculations. It helps us to do different tasks such as writing documents, creating presentations, solving mathematical equations, playing games, etc. Computers are very important in our lives and they have become an essential part of modern day living.

They help us to stay connected with the world around us by providing access to information from all over the globe.

10 Definitions of Computer

A computer is a powerful machine that can process huge amounts of data and generate valuable information. It has the ability to store, manipulate, and communicate information electronically. There are many different definitions for the term “computer” depending on context and usage; some examples include:

1) A device consisting of electronic circuitry used to perform calculations automatically; 2) An electronic device capable of performing complex calculations at high speed; 3) A programmable machine which inputs, stores, processes and outputs data according to instructions given by its user or programmer;

4) A system allowing users to interact with it through input/output devices such as keyboards or touch screens in order to access programs or applications; 5) An integrated collection of hardware components designed for specific purpose(s); 6) Any computing unit that has storage capacity and can execute instructions from software programs stored in memory

7) An instrumentality operated by electricity for processing data into useful information 8 )An appliance used for manipulating text, numbers, graphics etc 9 )A piece of equipment used to control other machines 10 )A sophisticated tool enabling people to connect with each other digitally.

Introduction of Computer

The introduction of computers revolutionized the way we think, work and live. Computers are electronic devices that can store data, process instructions and manipulate information. They provide us with an incredibly powerful tool for a wide range of tasks such as creating documents, spreadsheets, databases, presentations and more.

With the help of computer technology, people have been able to solve problems faster than ever before and make life easier in countless ways.