Top 20 Family Blogs for Inspiration and Advice Everyday


Scary Mommy is a blog that aims to bring families together through stories, articles, and recipes. The site has a warm, family-friendly feel with lots of inspirational advice that can be applied by any mom or dad in your life. It’s also one of few sites where you’ll find tips on parenting style versus method as well as how to deal with difficult situations like tantrums or potty training failures.

Alpha Mom

Alpha Mom is a blog about parenting, marriage, and money. It’s written by a woman who is also a lawyer. The blog has a lot of great articles about how to handle money and parenting.

The blog is written in an easy-to-read style that makes it easy for anyone to understand what they are reading on the site.


Captain Awesome Pants

Captain Awesome Pants is a blog about parenting, food, and life. She is a wife and mother of two boys who love to travel. Her posts are full of tips on how to find time for yourself, enjoy your kids more, and still get things done around the house (like cleaning).

She also has great recipes that can be made in 30 minutes or less!

Unremarkable Files

Unremarkable Files is a blog by a stay-at-home mom of three and owner of the email address She has a great sense of humor and she’s great at writing, photography, cooking, and more. Her posts are always relatable to real-life situations that we can all identify with – like the time she found out her husband was cheating on her or what it’s like to be a single parent in your 20s (although this post is not quite as personal).

If you’re looking for some inspiration on how to live an intentional life then I highly recommend checking out Unremarkable Files!

Mommy Shorts

Mommy Shorts is a blog about parenting and all the chaos that comes with it. It’s written by a mom, Jen B., who shares her experiences as a mom, including funny stories of her kids and their antics, but also advice on how to be a better parent. This blog is great for anyone who is new to parenting or just has questions about what they are doing wrong in their own homes.

The topics range from how to cope with an unruly child (including how to get rid of those pesky teeth), discipline tips for toddlers (and even preschoolers), finding time for yourself during busy days as well as ways you can make your home more comfortable for everyone involved!

A Rabbit Food for My Bunny Teeth

A Rabbit Food for My Bunny Teeth is a blog about healthy living, food, travel, and family. The owner of the blog is a mother of two and a wife to a pediatrician. She writes about her experiences as a full-time mom who loves to cook and bake with her kids in mind.

The blog has some great recipes for breakfast (including smoothies) and lunch options like salads/sandwiches/wraps/desserts etc.

A Cup of Jo

A Cup of Jo is a blog that focuses on encouraging you to live a more intentional life, helping you get more out of life, and becoming a better parent. The blog’s tagline says it all: “Inspired by our families, we want to help you find your path through the minefield that is parenting!”

The website has been around since 2006 and has an impressive following thanks to its helpful articles about everything from breastfeeding to gluten-free living.

Happy Simple Living

Happy Simple Living is a blog about living a simple, yet fulfilling life. The author believes that happiness is not something you can buy or create; it’s what comes from within yourself. She wants her readers to be happy in their everyday lives by finding joy in the small things and appreciating those around them.

Rockstar Mama Lifestyle Magazine

Rockstar Mama Lifestyle Magazine is a blog that helps women stay on track with their goals and to live a life that they love. The blog is full of tips, tricks, and advice to help you live a more fulfilling life.

The site contains articles about how to create balance in your life, how to get a healthy body image, find time for yourself and family, finding joy in everyday tasks like cooking or cleaning (if you’re the type who finds joy in those things), managing stress better than ever before!


When you’re looking for family blogs, it’s important to consider the following: what type of content do they focus on? What is their expertise? Is this a blog that will help expand your knowledge base or just give you new ideas and inspiration? Do they have a specific theme or niche in mind when writing their posts (and if so, how authentic does that theme feel)? Is there any personal connection between the author and her audience (i.e., she lives near them)? How often does she update her website with new content?

Small Notebook

This small notebook blog focuses on the journey to financial independence. The author’s goal is to help families save money and live more frugally so they can retire early, travel the world, and spend time with their loved ones.

Moms Who Think

Moms Who Think is a blog written by a mom of two who is passionate about helping other moms. She writes about all aspects of parenting, from breastfeeding to potty training and everything in between. She also writes about how to save money on groceries and household items.

Family Friendly Frugality

This blog is a great resource for finding deals, coupons, and ways to save money without sacrificing your family’s fun. If you’re looking for some ways to get your kids excited about saving money, this blog will have you covered!

Family-Friendly Frugality focuses not only on saving money but also on ways to have fun with your family without spending a lot of money! She shares recipes and an abundance of freebies as well as helpful guides on how to spend less while still keeping things interesting in today’s fast-paced world where everyone seems busy 24/7 (or at least they should).