Jim Corbett National Park Packages: Important Tips for Choosing the Right Package

Jim Corbett

The oldest national park of India is the Jim Corbett National Park, located in Uttarakhand State. The park is name after ” Sir Jim Corbett”, the famous hunter who became a wildlife conservationist. Sir Jim Corbett, who was affected by Man-Eating Tiger and Leopard of western Uttar Pradesh, survived thousand of human lives. Jim Corbett National Park is the first wildlife area in India to be include under “Project Tiger”.

If you are planning to visit Jim Corbett National Park, consider these five important tips before booking a tour.

1: Jim Corbett Park best time to visit – 15 November to the 30 th of June

Be sure to choose the right timing before planning your trip to the best location in India – Jim Corbett National Park. The best safari zone in Jim Corbett is open between 15 the of October to the of June.

Jim Corbett National Park covers more than 580 square kms, including Sonanadi Wildlife Sanctuary. It is divided into six tourist zone for better management. Tourists can travel by open jeep or canter in each zone.

Corbett Park Zone opening and closing time are listed below:

Visit Zone Opening Timing Closing Time

Jhirna zone only available during heavy rains

Dhela Zone only during heavy rains

Bijrani Zone 15, th, October 30 th, Jun

Durgadevi Zone 15, , th November 15, , th June

Dhikala Zone 15 the 15 the 15 of June

Pakhro Zone 15 the 15 the 15 of June

Vatanva Zone 15, the 15th of June 15 the 15th

Corbett Park opens completely after the 15th November. Jeep and Canter are both safari options to visit the forest. If you want to visit Corbett Park, stay here for at least 3-4 days and enjoy all the safari options.

Why Winter?

The best time to observe birds is during the Winter season , which runs from October to February. Jim Corbett Park is the home to more than 600 bird species, including migrants. During the winter, a variety of Himalayan birds nest in Jim Corbett Park and nearby territories.

In winters, you can see many common reptiles near the Ramganga River, such as – Alligators and Crocodiles.

Why Summer?

Summer Season allows you to see the big Mammals such as – Elephants. Tigers. Leopards. Wild Boars. Blue Bull. Sambar Deer. Spotted Deers. Barking Deers. Hogg Dears. Languors.

Plan your Jim Corbett trip at least 45 days in advance to get the best Zone Safari:

Booking a Corbett safari is important. Bookings for the “Tiger Reserve Zone” of Jim Corbett Park open 45 days before the actual visit date.

Bookings will be available on 1 November if you plan to visit Jim Corbett Park in December. All bookings are done on a first-come, first-served basis. All hot favourite zone will be booked in priority.

If you plan your trip at least 45 days in advance, you will be able to get the best safari experience inside the National Park.

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If all the Corbett Tiger Reserve Zones are full, you will only have the option to watch the BUFFER AREA forest – SITABANI Zone (It is not specific to animals like other Corbett Tiger Reserve Zones). So book Jim Corbett Packages before 45 Days.

3: Safari Instructions Clothing and do’s and don’ts

You must follow the rules of Corbett Tiger Reserve when you visit Jim Corbett National Park by jeep safari or canter.

  • Visitors must present their safari or accommodation permit at the entrance gate. All travellers listed on the permit must present their original ID. Forest officials are checking all IDs.
  • The park is strictly against walking, trekking, and getting out of the vehicle.
  • The use of harsh penalties will be applied to anyone who shouts, teases, chases, or feeds animals.
  • The Corbett National Park does not allow music.
  • Jim Corbett National Park is a smoke-free zone.
  • The Corbett National Park strictly prohibits the consumption of alcohol and non-vegetarian foods.
  • All visitors must wear clothes that complement the natural surroundings.
  • Entry permits can be obtained at the Jim Corbett National Park reception. The timing of entry are coordinate so that visitors must arrive at their accommodation before sunset.

4: How long can you spend in Jim Corbett Park

The largest National Park in India is Jim Corbett National Park. You need at least 15 days to visit the entire park, but you can choose the Jim Corbett tour package according to your comfort.

If you are a weekend visitor from a nearby metropolis like Delhi, Dehradun or Chandigarh you can book a 1 Night 2 Days package. You can enjoy a safari in the park, and visit nearby attractions like Sitabani and Jim Corbett Fall.

If you want to go on a 2 to 4 time safari, you must stay at least two nights in Corbett either at the private resort of the forest lodge. Jim Corbett Park’s accommodation facilities are renown for being located in the jungle. It is the only National Park in India to offer accommodation inside the safari gate. Forest rest houses are available in Dhikala and Gairal for accommodation and food.

It’s very difficult to get a reservation in a forest rest house because there are only a few rooms available.

During Jim Corbett’s visit, a large number of tourists stay at private resorts and use Jeeps and canters to visit the forest.

If you are planning a long vacation, you can include Binsar, Kausani, Ranikhet and Nainital in your itinerary and enjoy a wildlife safari with the charming hill stations of Uttarakhand.

5: Resort Selections for Jim Corbett Tour

Nearby the Jim Corbett National Park, there are several resorts. There are resorts in different categories such as 2 Star, 3 star, and 4 star. Resorts are located in small villages around Jim Corbett, such as Dhikuli Village and Dhela.

Choose a resort that is located in a beautiful area and close to the safari gate. The most popular places to stay are Dhikuli village, Dhela village, Teda village, Mohan village, and Kyari Village. The resorts located in these areas will make you feel like you are in the forest. Your stay is also near the jeep safari entrance gates. Your Jungle Safari time may not be wasted.


Corbett Fun Resort: (4 STARS)A large Resort in Jim Corbett. Located in teda Village.

Infinity corbett : (5 stars)Luxury wildlife retreat spared more than nine acres

Tiger Camp: (3 STARS)Beautiful Wildlife Resort

Pratiksha river view retreat : (3 STARS)Beautiful resort with a river view

Aahana Resort: (5-STAR) One of the best super luxury resorts in Jim Corbett Park

Tusker Trail: (4-STAR)Luxury Resort in Corbett Park. Located in Dhela Village

Corbett Machaan resort : (3-STAR)Beautifully situated best boutique resort in Teda Village.

Corbett Wild Iris : (4 STAR) Jungle location Stay

Manu Maharani : (4-STAR)Luxury resort on the riverside in Dhikuli Village


The tips mentioned above will hopefully help you choose the perfect tour package for a Jim Corbett trip. You can choose your resort accommodation according to your budget and you can get a permit for the safari zone based on your booking time.