Sink, Bathtub Blockage? Use Drain Snakes

Again, the sink clogged! This is one of the phrases which is accompanied by endless curses. When we realized that the sink, once again, had been blocked and, just a few days ago, we went to the plumber to unclog the pipe. So what went wrong? You didn’t call a professional who could unclog it with a drain snake.

This is not the best option to call it back, so today, we advise you to choose the best options to help you unclog the sink easily, quickly and cheaply. Yes,drain snakes! A drain snakewill brighten your life and make you feel much better. 

Here is how and when you should ask for drain snakes!

How to seal the bathtub overflow with drain snakes?

Do you live in a house with an overflowing bathtub? If so, drain snakes spill all over your floor when it overflows. A drain snakewill thankfully seal your bathtub overflow.

What is the purpose of a bathtub overflow?

When you have a bathtub overflow, it’s not just a mess on the floor; it can also be a safety hazard. A bathtub overflow is an accidental release of water that collects in the container below. This can cause the bathtub to overflow and create a dangerous situation. Did you know overflowing toilets are one of the leading causes of household accidents? If you have a bathtub overflow, here are three steps you can take to prevent it from happening while checking ondrain snakes:

  1. Make sure your tub is installed correctly and levelled. A loose or uneven tub can overflow when it rains, or you take a bath.
  1. Keep your bathroom floor clean and free of obstructions that can make flooding more likely. For example, clutter and furniture can trap water and slow its flow, while soap scum and another buildup can create slippery surfaces that increase the risk of falls.
  2. Use a sink instead of a tub. A container will hold less water, making it less likely to overflow.

What causes a bathtub overflow?

If you have an overflowing bathtub, it is most likely due to clogged drains. There are a few causes for a bathtub overflow, but the most common is when your bathtub drain becomes blocked. Overflowing bathtubs can also be caused by tree roots growing through the drain and into the bathtub or objects obstructing water flow. To prevent a bathtub from overflowing, you must take several steps to remove clogs and ensure proper drainage.

Install a quality drain plug: A drain plug prevents large amounts of water from backing up into the tub when the toilet is flushed. Look for one that has been tested and approved for use with bathtubs.

Check for broken pipes – A broken line could cause a leak. If you find a broken pipe, getting additional help from the plumbing service is essential to get the repairs.

How to seal a bathtub overflow with drain snakes

If you find yourself with a bathtub overflow, don’t panic! There are drain snakesto seal the overflow and prevent water from flooding your home.

An easy way to seal the overflow is to unclog the opening. Use a drain snaketo secure the wrap in place. This will prevent water from entering the tub and flooding your home. Another option is to use a bathtub stopper. Place a tub lid over the drain hole in the side of the tub, and then use a drain snaketo secure it. This will also prevent water from entering the bathtub and flooding your house.

If these methods don’t work, you should call an expert who knows the use of drain snakes. A plumber can install a more permanent solution with a drain snake, such as a waterproof drain cover or valve.