A Chic Spanish Farmhouse Provides Family Fun

Spanish Farmhouse


“You can’t go wrong with a traditional Spanish whitewashed farmhouse,” says the owner of this chic home in Spain’s rural Andalusia region. “You have to keep it simple.” Like many homes built in the 1800s, this one boasts a series of arches, which provide shade and shelter from the summer heat. The owners didn’t change much during their renovation instead, they focused on maintaining several key features like the exposed wood beams that run through each room.

Spanish Farmhouse Provides Family Fun

A Spanish farmhouse is a great place to entertain. If you love spending time with friends and family, then this house will be your dream come true. The sheer size of it allows for plenty of room for everyone to spread out and relax, as well as enjoy the scenery outside (depending on what part of Spain you choose).

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The Home Embodies, with a Color of Creamy White and Beige

The home embodies the relaxed and comfortable feeling that the homeowners wanted, with a color palette of creamy white and beige. The floors are all white, including the stairs leading up to the bedrooms. “I knew I wanted this house to feel like it was made out of stone,” says homeowner Danielle. “So we used different variations of cream paint on everything.”

The Entrance to Home, with Traditional Spanish Architecture

The entrance to the home, with its red tile roof and courtyard, is reflective of traditional Spanish architecture. The living room and dining room share a large space that was once two separate rooms but was opened up at some point in time to create an open concept living area.

This space also includes a kitchen with stainless steel appliances and granite countertops, which can be accessed from both rooms. There are two bedrooms on either side of this room: one for you (and your partner) and one for your kids or guests or both if you’re lucky!

Spanish Farmhouse

A 20-Foot-Tall Cypress Tree

A cypress tree is a symbol of longevity, strength, and health. A tall one provides shade outside your home while a small one can be placed inside the house.

Cypresses are native to Spain, where they grow wild and in abundance. The word cypress comes from Kyparissia, which means “burning bush” in Greek mythology because it was believed that the fire god Hephaestus planted them at the entrance to hell as a sign for all who entered there that there was no way back out again.

Because of their connection with death, cypresses have long been used as symbols of mourning in many cultures throughout history they were used extensively on tombs throughout Greece and Rome and even today continue to be associated with death among Christians (especially Catholics). In France during medieval times these trees were often planted along roadsides or near cemeteries because they were thought to keep evil spirits away from travelers passing by them; this belief may have originated from ancient Egyptian folklore about “the forest of thorns” which was guarded by gods called “Osiris” or “Anubis” (which sounds similar enough).

In addition, their strong association with life after death makes them appropriate choices around graveyards but if you don’t have access to such areas consider placing your private oasis somewhere indoors instead! One easy way would be along an entryway hallway leading into another room like where I’m standing now.

The Master Bedroom

The master bedroom on the first floor has a beamed ceiling and overlooks a courtyard with a fountain. The leather chaise was bought at a Paris flea market.

The second floor’s large bedroom contains two beds, one of which can be folded back into the wall when not in use. A large closet contains shelves for storing linens and extra pillows, as well as drawers for clothing. It also has a private bathroom with a shower, sink, and toilet.

Exposed Beams

The mantel is from Spain and provides visual interest in the living room. It’s made of dark wood, which matches the beams and floors. The mantel was custom ordered to match the existing beams, so it’s not quite as ornate as some mantels you may have seen before.

The exposed beams provide a nice contrast to all-white walls and rustic wood floors, but they do tend to get dusty over time. They should be cleaned every once in a while with a little bit of white vinegar and water (or whatever else you like), but they’re meant more for show than function—and there’s nothing wrong with that!

Dining Room, Designed by Margaret Sullivan Studio

In the dining room, glass-front built-ins separate the space from the kitchen without closing it off. “You can see into the kitchen from here,” says designer Margaret Sullivan. “That’s an important feature for this house, where there are so many kids.”

The built-in cabinets have doors that open onto shelves for displaying decorative items and serving pieces. “In addition to being functional, these cabinets provide a sense of height between floors,” says Sullivan. A metal wall-light fixture was designed by Margaret Sullivan Studio.

Historic Spanish Homes

The tour of this Spanish farmhouse is a great opportunity to see what makes these homes so special, as well as providing warm family places and surprises like the dining room.

  • This home features many traditional Spanish farmhouse elements: exposed beams and stone walls, open floor plans with natural light pouring in through large windows, and generous family spaces such as the kitchen.


This family home is a great example of how you can take the style and inspiration from a historical place and make it your own. The details they added are what make this house unique, like their inspiration from Spain’s architecture and their use of color to bring warmth into any space. They also included some modern touches that made it easy for them to live in such an old building while still having all comforts today’s families need with things like air conditioning and stainless steel appliances!