Top Activities in Edinburgh, Scotland

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Edinburgh, Scotland is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It is a city rich in history and culture, as well as a gorgeous place to visit. This article will show you some of the top things to see, do and experience while visiting Edinburgh!

Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle is a castle in Edinburgh, Scotland, that has played a prominent role in Scottish history.

Edinburgh Castle stands at the summit of Castle Rock, an intrusive crag and tail formation overlooking the city to the east and southeast.

The Royal Botanic Gardens

The Royal Botanic Garden attracts millions of visitors each year who come to see its many different landscapes and gardens. The most popular sections:

  • The Palm House is a glasshouse with tropical plants from around the globe.
  • Princess Street Gardens is an urban park located right in downtown Edinburgh.
  • Logan Plantation is a wetland area featuring native woodlands, grasses, and wetlands.

St. Giles’ Cathedral

St. Giles’ Cathedral is the High Kirk of Edinburgh. It is the largest church in Scotland and has been a religious center for over 1,000 years. The cathedral was originally built as part of King David I’s monastery and monastic buildings in 1120.

National Museum of Scotland

If you’re looking for a way to spend an afternoon in Edinburgh, Scotland, this museum is a great option. The National Museum of Scotland houses over 7 million objects in its collection that range from natural history specimens to works of art and design. Many of the exhibits are on display at any given time, including dinosaur fossils and ancient Egyptian artifacts.

Dynamic Earth

Dynamic Earth is located in the Royal Museum of Scotland, and it’s a museum of geology and paleontology. The exhibits are interactive, so you can touch rocks, fossils, minerals, and more. There are also guided tours available for an additional cost (which we recommend).

Royal Mile

The Royal Mile is one of the main streets of Edinburgh, and it’s also where you’ll find some of the most popular tourist attractions in Scotland. This long street runs from Edinburgh Castle to Holyrood Palace, and it’s lined with buildings from the 16th to 19th centuries.

Calton Hill

Calton Hill is a popular spot for picnics and strolling. There are several monuments on the hill, including Nelson’s Monument and the National Monument. The hill is also home to an observatory, which gives you a great view of Edinburgh’s skyline.

Palace of Holyrood house

The Palace of Holyrood House is the official residence of the British monarch in Scotland and is a royal palace. As such, it’s used by the British monarch as head of state in Scotland. The palace building was constructed at David I’s request after he moved from Roxburgh Castle to Edinburgh Castle.

Dean Village

Dean Village is a picturesque area of Edinburgh, with an old-fashioned feel. The Water of Leith Walkway is a 2-mile walk along the river, which takes you through Dean Village and past some historic sites such as Craigmillar Castle and Duddingston Loch. It’s also a great way to explore the city in depth.

Camera Obscura

The Camera Obscura and World of Illusions is a fun way to learn about the history of photography. It’s located in the basement of Edinburgh Castle and you can see the city from the top. The camera obscura was invented by Leonardo da Vinci when he was studying optics and it uses natural light to project images onto a wall or screen.

Arthur’s Seat

Arthur’s Seat is a dormant volcano that stands at 922 feet high and is the highest point in Edinburgh. It offers excellent views of the city, including Holyrood Palace and Edinburgh Castle.

It’s also a popular hiking spot and a great place to go rock climbing.

Princes Street Gardens

Princes Street Gardens is a short walk from Edinburgh Castle, with the famous Scott Monument and Calton Hill just behind it. It’s also at the heart of the city and an ideal spot for people who want to spend their lunch break or after-work hours relaxing on a bench with a book, taking in some fresh air with their dog, walking around with their child or partner, and enjoying the sunshine.

Georgian House Museum

The Georgian House Museum is a must-see for anyone interested in Edinburgh’s architecture and history. Located at no. 44 Queen Street, it was built during the late 18th century and has been preserved to show what life was like during this time.

Scottish National Gallery

If you’re an art lover, the Scottish National Gallery and Scottish National Portrait Gallery are two of Edinburgh’s best attractions.

  • Both offer free admission and have a huge collection of art.
  • The Scottish National Portrait Gallery has many famous portraits as well as a popular collection of Scottish paintings and sculptures.
  • The Scottish National Gallery showcases everything from medieval to modern European art with a focus on British works from 1500 to the present day. It also features international exhibitions in its temporary exhibition space called “Gallery Six.”
The Real Mary King’s Close Tour

If you’re looking for something a bit more off the beaten track, The Real Mary King’s Close is a fascinating insight into the lives of Edinburgh’s poorest citizens in the 18th century.

This unique and authentic experience will give you an idea about what life was like in Edinburgh when Mary and her family lived there.

Stockbridge Neighborhoods

The New Town is where you’ll find the most beautiful architecture in Edinburgh. This neighborhood was built in 1767, and it has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its Georgian architecture.

Scottish National Gallery

The Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art is a stunning building located in Edinburgh’s city center. It was originally built as the Royal Institution for the Encouragement of the Fine Arts in Scotland, and now it houses one of Europe’s most important collections of modern art.

Scotch Whisky Experience

Scotch Whisky Experience is a must for any whiskey lover. Located in the heart of Edinburgh, this interactive tour will teach you all about Scotch whisky and its history. You’ll learn about how it’s made and how to taste different types of Scotch while sipping on some samples.

Surgeon’s Hall Museums

One of the best ways to learn about Edinburgh’s medical history is to visit Surgeon’s Hall Museums. This museum is located on Surgeon’s Square, just across from Royal Infirmary and Edinburgh Royal Infirmary.