This Summer’s Best Dog-Friendly Vacation Spots

Bark and Park - Rail Explorers

Traveling with your dog can seem like more effort than it’s worth as a dog parent. Even if you hire a dependable dog sitter, schedule pet playdates, and leave enough treats to feed an entire pack, you may be concerned that your pup isn’t receiving enough cuddles, sleep, or attention. It’s also difficult to be apart from your animal best friend, even if only for a weekend.

The good news is that you don’t have to pick between a well-deserved holiday and quality time with your dog! Best place to travel in the United States that welcome dogs as valued guests have it all. We teamed up with Pumpkin, the best-in-class supplier of pet insurance and wellness care, to find the greatest destinations for dog owners to visit this summer. These dog-pampering destinations from Cape Cod to Southern California will have everyone’s tail wagging, whether you’re a beach lover, camper, explorer, hiker, gourmand, swimmer, or something else entirely.

Rutland, Vermont: The Paw House Inn

This dog hotel is more dog-friendly than human-friendly; if you don’t bring your dog, you will be charged a $10 fee. The Paw House Inn is Vermont’s go-to dog house, conveniently located just a few miles from hundreds of dog-friendly outdoor destinations like Chaffee Falls (a hidden gem swimming spot), Pico Mountain (a challenging yet rewarding hike), Long Trail Brewery (a classic Vermont brewery), and even the Lincoln Family Home. The property’s Paw House Park is an off-leash, fenced-in park where dogs can run and socialize, and Mario’s Playhouse is a custom-built doggie-day-care facility for when you want to escape your puppy-parent responsibilities for a day of exploring or a night out.

Bark and Park - Rail Explorers

Pilot Point, Texas: Waggin’ Tail Ranch RV Resort

The Waggin’ Tail Ranch RV Resort strives to live up to its name’s promise. This rustic-meets-modern RV park is a dog-friendly resort with an elaborate agility course, a doggie daycare program, dog wash/dog litter stations, and a separate swimming pond for puppies. Dogs are welcome at the resort’s communal pavilion, outdoor cooking area, community garden, children’s play area, and lawn game area. For optimal dog safety, the RV sites are fully gated, and there’s even a “laundromutt” (a laundromat with a cute name) for when you need a new set of T-shirts. The Waggin’ Tail Ranch’s warm, dog-loving, close-knit family ethos keeps customers coming back year after year.

Boulder City, Nevada: Rail Explorers

Rail Explorers is a year-round outdoor adventure facility that offers pedal-powered rail bikes to people of all ages. It’s a fun way to see the railroad from outside a train while soaking in the scenery. It’s always been a go-to for family-friendly outings, and now riders are welcome to bring their canine companions along. Larger dogs can travel on the platform between the human riders’ seats on Rail Explorers’ bikes (but gigantic canines may not fit), and little dogs can ride in a carrier with their owner. Rail Explorers is the place to go if you and your canine companion are both sporty thrill-seekers. Plus, bustling Las Vegas is only thirty minutes away; for a luxurious stay in Sin City, stay overnight at the Delano Las Vegas, which welcomes one or two dogs weighing less than 100 pounds combined.

Bark and Park - Rail Explorers

Greenough, Montana: The Resort at Paws Up

The Resort at Paws Up, set on 37,000 acres of gorgeous Montana landscapes, will not only welcome but also cater to your best companion. The Last Best Doggie Bed, a dog dish, locally manufactured snacks, a dog-friendly hiking trail map, a tennis ball, and a charming welcome note from the owner’s dog, Coco, are all included in the $50 per night pet fee. A private home or a safari-style luxury tent are two of the resort’s lodging options, and both will make you feel perfectly at home among Montana’s stunning nature. Horseback riding, hiking experiences, climbing endeavors, and lake activities are just a few of the ways of spending your time outside. It’s practically impossible to run out of things to do in this town.

Alamogordo, New Mexico: White Sands National Park

You’ve seen sand near the sea, but White Sands National Park’s white sand takes the experience to a new level. It’s the world’s largest gypsum dune field, and it’s so big that it can be seen from space. White Sands, unlike most national parks, gives leashed dogs the same access as people (except inside buildings). This means that you and your dog will be able to explore mile after mile of soft sand and dunes. However, carry enough water and be aware of hot weather under your paws, since the park’s temps can reach dangerously high levels during the summer.

Washington, D.C: Hotel Madera

The Bark and Park Package at Hotel Madera is ideal for those planning a visit to Dupont Circle in central D.C. with their four-legged friends. Beyond the hotel’s normal canine amenities — complimentary snacks, food bowls, pet beds, waste bags, and fur baby door hangers — the pet-friendly amenity includes a list of nearby pet-friendly parks and eateries, including the terrace at Firefly and Glen’s Garden Market. The hotel also provides complimentary overnight valet parking; if you need your car — say, for a trip to the National Mall — the hotel will come and get it for you. The price of the package begins at $199 each night.

Finally with Tour You Destination, those days are gone of missing your dog at the beach — or staying at home to avoid the agony of separation anxiety (it happens!). You may plan fun-filled, jam-packed vacations all over the world with any of these dog-friendly travel spots. So let’s get started: Swap staycations for trips this summer and create memories with your best friend beside you.