Top 4 Ana De Armas Movies of All Time

Ana de Armas is a formidable force because of her remarkable good looks and equally impressive acting talents. Her performance as Marta in Knives Out wowed viewers by breaking the cliché of the placid Latina housekeeper.

In Blonde, the actress gave yet another stellar performance as Marilyn Monroe. With such a varied career, we thought it would be interesting to rank the best four films starring Ana De Armas.

1. The Gray Man

With a big budget and star power, The Gray Man should be more than just a collection of action clichés. Unfortunately, the movie fails to deliver on that promise, as it lacks creativity and thrills.

The film follows a highly-skilled mercenary, Court Gentry aka Sierra Six (Ryan Gosling), who uncovers dark secrets at the CIA and becomes their primary target. He is hunted across the globe by a psychopathic former colleague, Lloyd Hansen (Chris Evans), and international assassins. Luckily, Six has Berlin-based CIA agent Dani Miranda (Ana De Armas) to back him up.

The film is directed by Adrian Lyne, a reputed director for thrillers that blend sex, power and suspense. He also directed lookmovies like Fatal Attraction and Indecent Proposal. De Armas elevates her role and is a highlight of the movie.

2. No Time to Die

Despite a ludicrous plot about a bioweapon (and the villain Safin’s devilish plans for genocide), No Time to Die is an enjoyable thriller. Director Cary Joji Fukunaga has a flair for these films, whether it’s a long shot of Bond inside a bulletproof car being strafed by what feels like a thousand gunmen or a bird’s-eye view of Armas spinning around in a high-slit dress knocking out baddies with her bare hands.

She also brings an unwavering sense of calm to the film’s climactic fight scene. The movie may not have been as big a hit as some of the others on this list, but it’s still well worth your time.

This Netflix release was one of the last movies to be released before the COVID-19 pandemic, and it’s a solid if not spectacular film. Ben Affleck stars as tech whiz Vic Van Allen, who suffers from what seems to be an insatiable desire for kink. Armas plays Melinda, his scheming wife. They share a kink that puts bunny-boiling to shame as she brazenly cheats on him with a string of interchangeable himbos.

3. Overdrive

A powerful and intense movie, Overdrive is another film in which Ana de Armas proves that she has the acting ability to take on challenging roles. The thriller centers on a former special ops soldier who infiltrates a violent prison gang to provide information to the FBI. Her performance is compelling and gripping, making it a must-see for fans of the crime-thriller genre.

As the wife of Miles Teller’s character in War Dogs, De Armas adds gravity and depth to the film. She proves her ability to be an emotionally resonant actor, and her performance elevates the film above its flaws.

The ballyhooed Marilyn Monroe drama Blonde proves that she can hold her own when it comes to dramatic roles. Although the film suffers from a few issues, it does feature some excellent work by De Armas, who captures the iconic Hollywood bombshell’s public and private personae.

4. Blonde

Despite some critics’ unflattering reviews, Ana de Armas’ portrayal of Marilyn Monroe in Blonde is a standout. Based on the Joyce Carol Oates novel, the film blurs the lines between fact and fiction as it explores Monroe’s volatile childhood and her romantic entanglements. The movie has garnered both critical acclaim and Oscar buzz.

It was a risky move to cast an unknown actress in the role of one of Hollywood’s most iconic women. But de Armas pulled it off with aplomb, wowing audiences with her scintillating performance as the famous actress.

Knives Out is a witty and thrilling murder mystery film that will keep you on your toes. De Armas plays Marta Cabrera, the nurse who aids crime writer Harlan Thrombey in the investigation of his own death. Her empathetic yet endearing performance in the movie is sure to please fans. With movies like Ghosted and 2024’s Ballerina on the horizon, it looks as though the future is bright for this talented and marketable star. We’re excited to see what’s next for Ana de Armas!