Using Latisse to Enhance Your Eyelashes Beauty

Using Latisse to Enhance Your Eyelashes Beauty

Despite the ebb and flow of beauty fads, nothing has ever gone out of style quite like long, thick eyelashes. Remembering the times when eyebrows were drawn on with a pencil will bring back some of those awful trends.

Long, gorgeous lashes, on the other hand, have never gone out of style, even if enormous, bushy brows have become increasingly fashionable in recent years.

Mascara and false eyelashes can give the illusion of longer, thicker eyelashes for a short time, but what’s the best way to actually develop your own?

Latisse has arrived! Commercials for a product that requires a prescription have likely aired on television, as the product has been sponsored by celebrities like Brooke Shields, Claire Danes, and Christina Hendricks.

Here are 5 of the most common questions we get from patients to help you decide if Latisse is correct for you. Many different techniques are included in our cosmetic dermatology services.

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Latisse is a prescription therapy that encourages the growth of longer, thicker, and darker eyelashes.

You should start to see results in about 4 weeks, and the whole effect should become apparent in around 14 weeks.

Eyelashes have a normal development cycle of one to two months, after which they enter a “resting phase” and fall off. The “growth phase,” the time between when your eyelashes are actively forming and when they begin to fall out, is the key to Latisse’s efficacy. Given this, it stands to reason that your lashes will grow longer and more thickly as a result.

Once your eyelashes have reached the required length and thickness, I believe you can cut back to applying Latisse every other night. However, if you suddenly quit using Latisse, your lashes will look how they did before you started. Keep in mind that the full effect of treatment ought to be obvious by week 16.

What do you think the results will be? A clinical study of Latisse including 278 people across 16 sites in the United States found the following results after 16 weeks of use: • 25% longer lashes and 106% fuller lashes


When you pick up your Latisse kit, the instructions will be thoroughly explained so that you can proceed with confidence. Although these are simple procedures, following them in the correct order will get the best results.

Every night after washing your face and taking out your contact lenses (if appropriate), “paint” one drop of the solution onto the upper lash line, just where the lashes emerge from the skin, using the reusable brush that comes with your Latisse box. Maintaining your good looks requires a consistent effort to care for your skin and face.

Lower lash growth will occur naturally if you follow the directions and apply the product only to the upper lash line. At the suggested, nightly frequency of administration of Latisse, they will grow exactly as long and just as swiftly.


Rarely, patients may see a change in the pigmentation of the skin surrounding their eyes. Hair development in the facial area can be stimulated by letting the solution flow down the face on a regular basis. If you use the provided disposable applicators as directed and apply the cream only to your top lash line, you shouldn’t have any issues.

The iris is the colored part of the eye, and it can theoretically darken in people who already have light eyes. Following the prescribed dosage of Latisse for eyelash growth has NEVER resulted in any such side effects. This side effect is being mentioned because it has been observed in patients with glaucoma who have been prescribed a different medication containing bimatoprost, the active ingredient in Latisse.

This adverse effect was described by 1-2% of glaucoma patients taking a medication with a much higher bimatoprost content. Since only around 5 percent of the solution actually makes it into the eye, people who use Latisse as directed have a negligible risk of this happening. No Latisse user has ever voiced dissatisfaction with this warning, as it is only a precaution the company is required to issue.

Brief itching of the eyes was observed by about 4% of individuals in the aforementioned clinical studies. If you have any questions or concerns regarding these possible side effects, please let us know when you visit our office.

When compared to other over-the-counter lash enhancers, how does Latisse differ?

For one, clinical investigations have shown that lettuce increases the number, length, and blackness of eyelashes more than any other product. Despite thorough safety and efficacy studies, it is only available via prescription since patients need to be well-educated about proper application practices to obtain desired effects.

The active element in lettuce responsible for extending the eyelash development phase is called bimatoprost, and it is the only ingredient of its kind on the market. Over-the-counter options are limited to “lash conditioners,” which claim to improve the health of your lashes and reduce the likelihood that they will fall out.

Keep in mind that there is still no proof that this or any other eyelash conditioning serum causes your lashes to grow longer, thicker, or darker than they were before using Careprost online.